Created by our top Danish designers and engineers, each mattress offers the same quality you can expect from TEMPUR® with a 7 year guarantee of restful sleep and peace of mind. Choose from conforming Micro-Tech™ or responsive Micro-Tech™ Hybrid.

Kolekcja Micro-Tech™

For those looking to feel gently cushioned and cradled, our Micro-Tech™ memory foam Collection combines TEMPUR® material with conforming and supportive foam layers beneath. Find relief from pressure points and reduced motion disturbance from your partner.

Kolekcja Micro-Tech™ Hybrid

For those looking for a more responsive mattress, the Micro-Tech™ Hybrid range is the simple solution. TEMPUR® Material conforms and adapts, so your body will find relief from pressure points and reduced tossing and turning. Responsive pocket springs add lasting support and react to your movement.

Autentyczny materiał TEMPUR®

Our TEMPUR® Material is designed to conform to the shape of your body, absorb motion and relieve pressure in all the right places.

Duński design

Our top Danish designers and engineers stylishly craft a simple but sleek design that combines style and function perfectly.

Pokrowiec do prania

The avant-garde style mattress and pillow covers can be easily removed and washed at 40°C to keep your product fresh and hygienic.

Bez konieczności przewracania

Ground breaking TEMPUR® Material gradually returns to its original shape following compression, so there is no need to flip your mattress to experience its high performance qualities.

7 lat gwarancji

All of our mattresses are built to last a full 7 year warranty.